Welcome to the Advent Wreath Page!

Advent consists of the four Sundays prior to and including Christmas Eve.
The Advent Wreath and Candles are symbols that help us anticipate the arrival of the birth of Christ.
They are visual reminders which can help keep us focused on Jesus during the busy season.
Each Sunday during Advent there will be a link to view the Candle of the week.
As you view the lit candle pause to reflect on its meaning.
There are also scriptures posted for you to read daily each week.

Click on the link for each week. Each week begins on Sunday.
December 18Week 4---CANDLE OF LOVE
December 11Week 3---CANDLE OF JOY
December 4Week 2--CANDLE OF PEACE
November 27Week 1--CANDLE OF HOPE

For more information on Advent visit this link The Christian Season of Advent

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