Williston Cathedral
An Original Poem by Noel Carole Sundheimer.

Some people go to church and pray upon their knees
To stay in touch with Jesus and have their troubles eased.
I find my inspiration on an old, oak shaded street
Where solitude and heaven and Godís earth gently meet.
Flying buttressed oak limbs stretch across the road
Camouflaged in shades of green to hide the heavy load.
Mid way is a traffic light blinking luminous red.
Think sanctuary light of God and say a prayer instead.
Gold sunlight filters through the branches like monochrome stained glass,
And communion is the pearly dew that lays upon the grass.
Choir voices are the songbirds that sing from every tree,
And I feel the Spiritís presence as the soft breeze touches me.
The flowers in the springtime, gold leaf showers in the fall
Accent evergreen promises that God has made us all.
Reminded by the butterflies and birds that flutter there,
That rebirth and the joy of God are with us everywhere.
No matter what the weather or temperature may be,
I find Godís presence tendered there in each and every tree.
From east to west or west to east, the tunnelís dark to bright,
Much like our lives long journey home to meet our Makers light.
As I pray for those whoíve passed and those still here in pain,
I think of when we all will meet in love and joy again.
God is where you find him be it home, church, sea or earth.
Remember loveís the answer and God knows each souls worth.

Used with the Permission of Noel Carole Sundheimer © 2006


© SGLY Ministry 2000