Scripture Memorization

Hide God's Word in Your Heart !
(Psalm 119.11)

Two Options for Scripture Memorization
Try it!
"Hide God's word in your heart and mind"

Memorize Scripture with Us.
Visit our weekly Scripture Memorization Blog--"Mind Full of Him".
The Blog is called "Mind Full of Him" because we will all grow in our daily walk with the Lord if our mind is full of His word.
Verses are posted weekly on the Blog.
You can also subscribe to receive them via email if you so choose.
Click Here to visit the Blog:
"Mind Full of Him"--Weekly Scripture Memorization
We also have a Weekly Scripture Memorization Facebook Group where you can memorize the scriptures with us and interact with us and other group members.
We will be sharing helps and tips for memorization and invite members to share their thoughts also.
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Mind Full Of Him Scripture Memorization Facebook Group

OR...Try memorizing scripture on your own using the easy ABC way !
You can memorize one verse each week and it will be according to the alphabet.
They are short verses--easy to remember--because you link them to a letter of the alphabet.
The verses are taken from the King James Bible(KJV)
or the New International Bible(NIV)
or God's Promises from the New King James Bible(NKJV).
You may choose which version you want to memorize.

Just click below on NIV or KJV or God's Promises and you will be able to view and print a list of each week's verses listed alphabetically.

A to Z-KJV A to Z-NIV A to Z-God's Promises
A to Z-His Wonderful Name-Titles of Jesus Christ A to Z-Names of God
Who I Am In Christ-A to Z A to Z-Nuggets of Truth Scriptures

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