Naz's Testimony

My Testimony by Naz

I was a Muslim.
I met a Christian man who I later married after becoming a born again.
My Muslim family didn'tknow.
When they found out they made me abort my unborn twins at 4 months not caring what I wanted.
I wasn't in the right head space at the time.
My husband forgave me when he found out.
He loves me because Christ loved him first.
That's where my husband gets his love from.:)

My husband has changed completely from being a drunk and abusive man and soooooo much more that he went through before he knew Christ!
He changed completely because of Jesus Christ!
This is just the basics.
I have soooo much more to share but its limited to only 500 words in this testimony, so cant say much.
God is sooo good!
He blessed me with peace and joy whilst going through all this with my family.

If not for Christ I would have committed suicide.
God loves me even when my own parents don't love me.
God loves me and YOU!!
He blessed me with a great husband!

Jesus is alive and well now and forever!
Let Him into your life and you will start to see changes in your life.
Don't look at others and only listen to what they say, read the bible yourself.
Only Jesus is the Truth.
Don't TRY and will automatically happen if you just focus on God's love for you and always pray for God to help you.
Be honest with Him.
He understands you and the way you feel.
If you have doubts..tell Him..he is not surprised.
Read Psalms 139. He made you perfect and special. He Loves YOU.

Author: Naz--May 7, 2011

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