She could not give her children gold,
so she gave them faith to have and hold

She could not give them royal birth,
or a name renowned throughout the earth
But she gave them seeds and a garden spot
and shade trees when the sun was hot.

She could not give a silver spoon,
or servants waiting night and noon
She gave them love and a listening ear
and told them God was always near.

She could not give them ocean trips aboard majestic sailing ships,
But she gave them books and quiet time,
Adventures found in prose and rhyme.

She could not give them worldly things
but what she gave was fit for kings.

For with her faith and book and sod,
she made each child aware of God.
- Alice Leedy Mason

Alice Leedy Mason is a published author of children's books.
This poem is from her book titled "Christian Bedtime Rhymes"
published June 1984.

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