God's Plan is:
Restoration of Relationships

God loves you.

God created you and He wants to have a close, personal relationship with you on earth and eternally in heaven just as He did with Adam & Eve before they sinned.
As He walked and talked with Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, so does He desire to do the same with you.
As He gave Adam & Eve dominion over the earth and an abundance of every good thing on earth, so He desires to do for you.
That was His original plan and it still is.

But---Sin has separated you from God.

In order to have a close, personal, loving relationship a person must have a free will and be given the choice to use it.
Thus, when God created mankind He gave them a free will.
He did not want puppets whom He could control but people who would chose to follow Him and obey His rules because they loved Him
and wanted to be with Him as much as He loved them and wanted to be with them.
His rules were only to protect them and keep them from harm,since He had already given them every good gift,what He told them not to do was for their own good,
to keep them from evil,sin,death,sickness,pain,sorrow,etc.
However, when Adam & Eve chose to disobey God and do the one thing He had asked them not to do, they put their will over His will
and sin entered into them and the world God had created.
They chose to believe a lie instead of God.
That caused a separation in the relationship, it was no longer close and personal because sin had come between them and God.
Sin, which is willful disobedience, caused them to lose the relationship and all of it's benefits.

Have your sins have separated you from God, because you may have chosen to do your will instead of His will ?
Because God is Holy, He cannot allow you or anything sinful into his perfect heaven.
Therefore, anyone sinful is destined for an eternity separated from God in hell and this is where God, who is Love, never wished for anyone to be.
However,our truly loving God is also fair and just and He gives you the choice.
You can choose to spend eternity with Him in paradise or choose to spend eternity in hell with the devil and his angels.

Repairing the Broken Relationship

The Bible teaches that the only payment for sin is death.
When Adam & Eve sinned they died spiritually and eventually physically.
They could not do anything to repair the relationship, thus they became afraid, they hid, they blamed and even tried to cover themselves but nothing could justify them.
Sin had entered the world and brought God's judgement.
Anytime a rule is broken there are consequences and a penalty to be paid.
Since God is Love He wanted to restore man to a right relationship with Him once again.
Therefore, He sent His Son, Jesus, to earth to accomplish this task.
Jesus died to pay the debt owed by our sins.
Since Jesus was sinless and owed no debt to God; His death could pay for our sins.
When Jesus took our place on the cross and suffered and died for the penalty we deserved, God in His Holiness could now forgive our sins.
We could be spiritually reborn, as if "Born Again".
We would be washed clean of our sins by the shedding of Christ's blood on the Cross (death penalty paid)and receive eternal life by His resurrection from the dead,
since death could not hold Christ because He had no sin.
Therefore, in Christ, we have forgiveness, new life and a restored relationship with God.

A Choice

God's Plan provided a way for reconciliation and restoration
Christ's Death provided the way for forgiveness and justification
Christ has made the way for mankind once again to have a close personal relationship with God here on earth by being born again spiritually and to live forever
eternally in heaven with Him someday---the relationship and all of it's benefits are now available to everyone who wants to claim it.
Decision Time

Now you must chose whether you want to believe and receive all of this.
  • 1. First, you must choose to believe that you are a sinner and there is nothing you can do to save yourself.
  • 2.Second, you must choose to believe that Christ is the only way you can be saved.
If you are ready to make those two choices then:
Click the INVITATION BOX and pray a prayer to invite Jesus into your life right now.


New Life Text is based on these scriptures:
2 CORINTHIANS 5:17----ACTS 26:18----JOHN 3:16----JOHN 1:12---ROMANS 10:9-10


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