Door Acrostic

What did Peter say when the damsel who kept the DOOR asked if he was a disciple of Jesus?
Iam not.(John 18:17)
What tool did a master use to pierce his servant's ear when he brought him to the DOOR post?
Aul.(Exodus 21:6)
Who told Queen Esther that the keepers of the DOOR "sought to lay hand on the king Ahasuerus"?
Mordecai.(Esther 6:2)
After a "DOOR was opened in heaven" what object did John compare the first voice to?
Trumpet.(Revelation 4:1)
During the Passover in Egypt, a bunch of what was dipped in blood and used to strike the lintel and DOOR posts?
Hyssop.(Exodus 12:22)
What did Abraham lift up before he ran from the tent DOOR to meet the three men?
Eyes.(Genesis 18:2)
In the parable of the ten virgins, what was shut after the bridegroom came?
Door.(Matthew 25:10)
How many DOORS could be found on the ark built by Noah?
One.(Genesis 6:16)
What kind of DOOR was set before the church in Philadelphia?
Open.(Revelation 3:8)
When the women came to anoint the body of Jesus, what had happened to the large stone in front of the tomb DOOR?
Rolled away.(Mark 16:4)

Jesus said: "I AM THE DOOR"John 10:9

--Auther Unknown.
This quiz Acrostic was taken from the "Momemts For You"
booklet published by"Moments with the Book"--A Tract Ministry



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