Recipe and Instructions for a hands on lesson of the Resurrection.
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Cross Cake
Cook up a hands-on lesson about the Resurrection.
by Julie P. Cantrell

Start by baking a red velvet cake mix in a 9x12-inch oblong pan.
After the cake has cooled, cut it in half lengthwise to form two rectangles.
Cut one rectangle in half to form two smaller rectangles.
Cut one of those sections in half again to form two squares.
Now you should have three different lengths with four pieces total.
Combine the longest rectangle and the two shortest squares to form a cross. (You'll have one extra piece).

The red cake represents Christ's sacrifice.
Frost with dark icing to symbolize a sinful life.
Add a crown of thin pretzel rods at the top of the cross.
Discuss how Jesus was ridiculed by the king because his believers called him the King of the Jews.
He was forced to wear a crown of thorns on his head as punishment.
Add one red M&M on each of the horizontal edges to symbolize Christ's hands.
Teach your child the sign for Jesus (touch each palm to show where nails were driven through His hands).
Add white coconut shavings at the bottom of the cake to represent how Christ's love can make our sinful spirits as white as snow.
Now give your child a doughnut.
Place a doughnut hole in the opening.
This represents Jesus' tomb. Roll away the doughnut hole to show how believers discovered an empty tomb three days after Jesus was killed on the cross.
Discuss how Jesus came back to life after dying on the cross.
We call this the Resurrection.
Explain that, thanks to Jesus, we too can live together in heaven forever.

Finally, be sure to share a little blessing and a slice of the cross cake.


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