God's Heart

The Lord your God loves you no matter what you do
He wants to bring you even closer and your mind to renew
Do not walk away when you think your life's gone wrong
God wants to teach and guide you and make you very strong
His arms are open wide,His love is not based on condition
All He wants is your obedience, repentance and submission
You ask what kind of God would call me to repent, submit and obey
One that knows our hearts and minds, and formed us out of clay
He knows our capabilities, our strengths and weakness too
He knows what life has dealt you, and what you're going through
He wants you to call upon His name and ask Him into your heart
For this is where it all begins and where we must start
From there He wants you to know Him to see who He is
To a be part of a loving family and truly know you’re his
Not an orphan in the dark standing in the cold
But someone He deeply loves, cherishes and truly wants to hold
That you would be held by the Father who loves you with all His might
Who wants to watch over and help you, never let you out of sight
Not to control you but to let you be free
To open your eyes and see
all that you are meant to be
--Kay Wing ©2008


© 2000