Easter Poem by Maraffie

A poem by Maraffie

The Easter Bunny looks so cute,
Fluffy and furry and white,
But the Lamb of God, bloodied by man,
On the cross, was a horrible sight.

The Easter Bunny leaves candy treats,
Then he merrily hops on by.
But Jesus gave His life, His all
On the cross for you and I.

The E-Bunny sales fill the stores,
And ching ching goes the till,
While Jesus offers eternal life FREE
To Whosoever will

The Easter Bunny is lavished attention
Each year in countless schools,
But Jesus was whipped and nailed to a cross,
Rejected by man so cruel.

The Easter Bunny lies dormant
To be brought out but once a year,
But Jesus died and rose again
He's Alive ! He's forever near!

The Easter Bunny is only a myth
Created by mortal man,
But Jesus Christ is Lord of All,
Of His Kingdom there's no end.

So don't put your trust in bunnies,
Traditions or cultures of man
But put your trust in Jesus Christ,
He's God's Salvation Plan.

For Jesus died upon the cross
A long, long time ago.
He conquered death, He rose again,
So He could save your soul.

If you will call on Jesus name,
And repent of sinful ways,
He'll save you from Hell for a mansion above,
With the Heavenly Father, always.

He'll lead you and He'll guide you,
Like a Good Shepherd with His sheep,
To pastures green and bountiful,
And He will give you peace.

He bids you come. He calls your name.
No longer go astray.
So, choose the world and all it's bunnies,
Or choose Jesus Christ today !

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