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April 10–Precious Promises–Day 10

Today’s Promise: FEAR For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,”Do not fear, I will help…

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March 22–Proverb A Day–Day 22

Today’s Proverb: Incline your ear and hear the words of the wise, And apply your heart to my knowledge, For it is a pleasant thing if…

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March 9–Proverb A Day–Day 9

Today’s Proverb: Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in understanding. Wisdom will multiply your days and add…

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March 8–Proverb A Day–Day 8

Today’s Proverb: Choose My instruction rather than silver, and knowledge over pure gold. For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can be…

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March 7–Proverb A Day–Day 7

Today’s Proverb: Guard My teachings as your most precious possession. Tie them on your fingers as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. Proverbs 7:2,3…

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March 6–Proverb A Day–Day 6

Today’s Proverb: A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to sleep– So shall your poverty come on you like a prowler….

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March 4–Proverb A Day–Day 4

Today’s Proverb: Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do. Proverbs 4:23 [NLT] Today’s Thought: Whatever has my heart’s focus,that is what…

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MOUTH MEDICINE: Make me to understand the way of thy precepts: so shall I talk of Thy wondrous works. Psalm 119:27 [KJV] TONGUE TALK: Wondrous Talk…

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MOUTH MEDICINE: For my mouth will speak truth; Proverbs 8:7 [NKJV] He who speaks truth declares righteousness, Proverbs 12:17 [NKJV] TONGUE TALK: For believers, speaking truth…

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MOUTH MEDICINE: “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one. –Jesus [Matthew 5:37…

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MOUTH MEDICINE: I have purposed that my mouth shall not transgress. Psalm 17:3 [NKJV] TONGUE TALK: Transgress means to overstep your bounds, to break the limits,…

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MOUTH MEDICINE: Listen, for I will speak of excellent things and from the opening of my lips will come right things. Proverbs 8:6 [NKJV] TONGUE TALK:…

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MOUTH MEDICINE: But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart that you may do it. Deuteronomy 30:14{NKJV] TONGUE TALK: A…

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January 23–In Christ I Am PRAYED FOR

Day 22–In Christ I am: PRAYED FOR “I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word;”…

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Spiritual Vitamins–Spiritual Vitamins–Day 25

SPIRITUAL VITAMIN T : TEST “test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1…

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September 8–Spiritual Vitamins Day 8

SPIRITUAL VITAMIN D: DELIGHT “Delight yourself also in the Lord…Psalm 37:4 (NKJV) Today’s Thought: How do we delight ourselves in the Lord? Delight is something that…

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October 1–One-Anothering Daily Devotional -Day 1

“One-Anothering” is a 31-Day Devotional focusing on all the “one another” scriptures in the Bible. Jesus said we should “love one another” but in all, there…

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January 28–P-O-W-E-R–Rejoice

Today’s Scripture: Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Philippians 4:4 NKJV Today’s Thought: “Rejoice always,” Paul says again in 1Thessalonians 5:16 NKJV….

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P-O-W-E-R–January 10–Obey

“Whether it is pleasing or displeasing, we will obey the voice of the LORD our God,…”Jeremiah 42:6 NKJV Today’s Thought: In today’s verse the people were…

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P-O-W-E-R–Day 1: Plan

Today’s Scripture: You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail. Proverbs 19:21 NLT Today’s Thought: This New Year might have us thinking about…