September 6–Spiritual Vitamins–Day 6



“Comfort, yes, comfort my people” says your God.  Isaiah 40:1 (NKJV)


  • to soothe in distress or sorrow
  • to console, to have compassion
  • to ease the body or mind

Today’s Thought:
Our world is filled with people who need comfort.

  • Could you ease someone’s burden today by offering to help them?
  • Could you lift someone’s spirit today by offering to pray for them?
  • Could you bring a smile to someone’s face with a kind word?
  • Could you cause someone to laugh with a cute joke?
  • Could you let someone know you care by giving them a hug?
  • Today’s Action:
    Today let your Spiritual Vitamin C–become Vitamin “See”
    Take time to look for an opportunity to comfort someone.

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