June 7–Heart for the Lord–Enlarged Heart

Enlarged Heart-- Psalm 119:32 (ASV)

“I will run in the way of your commandments when you enlarge my heart! ”  Psalm 119:32 (ASV)

Today’s Thought:
Being devoted to God, means wanting to do His will.
Therefore, bigger is better, thought the Psalmist.
“God if You will enlarge my heart I will be able to run even longer and stronger to fulfill Your word. With an enlarged heart, I will be able to run the course and not get tired as quickly.”
Let’s join with the Psalmist today and ask God for an Enlarged Heart so we will have more strength to walk in His ways everyday and when needed, to run, so as to finish the race well for Him.

Prayer of the Heart to the Lord:
Dear Lord, today I ask that You create in me an Enlarged Heart.
A heart that not only gives me the strength to walk with You daily, but also enables me to have the endurance to run the in the course of Your commands, and not give up or tire easily.
Dear Lord, I want an Enlarged Heart that will be strong enough to enable me to run this life’s race on Your path and finish well for You.

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