April 3–Precious Promises–Day 3-Belief


Today’s Promise: BELIEF
There are several Promises concerning Belief.
This is a list of them and their benefits.

1. Belief in Jesus equals Eternal Life. John 3:16
2. Belief in Jesus equals forgiveness of sins. Acts 10:43
3. Belief on Jesus equals that we will not be put to shame. Romans 9:33
4. Belief in Jesus equals us the right to become
children of God. John 1:12
5. Belief in Jesus equals that we are not condemned. John 3:18

Conditions to receiving these promises are: Belief in and on Jesus.

Today’s Thought:
What is Belief?
The dictionary defines it as:
1. something believed; an opinion or conviction
2. confidence, faith; or trust: in the truth or existence of something

So as we see those who believe (have the confidence, faith and trust) in and on Jesus receive much from God.

Today’s Prayer:
Dear God,
I want to claim all these Precious Promises regarding Belief.
I want Eternal Life and Forgiveness of sins.
I do not want to be put to shame or condemned, but I want the right to become a child of God.
I have learned that by believing in and on Jesus I will be able to claim all of these Precious Promises.
So, I will choose to do that right now God, so I can live in victory forever!
Thank You, for hearing and accepting my prayer of Belief and I believe now that I will receive. Amen

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