May 6–Praise Pause–Day 6

Praise His Name: CREATOR
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 NKJV
So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27 NKJV

Today’s Thought:
Today let’s pause to praise our Creator God.
Let’s commit and submit ourselves to Him who created us and all things.

Today’s Praise Pause:
Today I want to pause to praise You God, as my Creator, and the Creator of all things.
I want to praise You that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, (Ps.139:14)
and the workmanship of Your hands (Ephesians 2:10).

I want to praise You for creating new life in me when I was “born again”(1Peter1:23).
I want to praise You for giving me a new heart and creating a right spirit within me (Ezekiel 36:26).
Dear God, You have done so much and are doing so much in me, that I just want to pause and praise You, my faithful Creator.  (1 Peter 4:19)

For:  “You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things,And by Your will they exist and were created.” Revelation 4:11 NKJV
I, Your creation, praise You and pray to You, my Creator. Amen!

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