Ronda's Testimony

My Testimony by Ronda

In 1979 at a storage unit auction I asked the Lord if there was something He wanted me to buy.
I bought a box for $2.00 after I felt the Lord urging me to do so.

In the box was an Amplified Bible -- On the inside page was someone's handwriting that said:
"Discouragement is a form of doubt and disbelief. Recognize it; face it for what it is - SIN. Refuse it in Jesus Name. Discouragement is not on the list for entering heaven. Our great need is to know God and to know Him as the "God of the impossible". That is where He usually begins or takes over - when we are through, when we "can't", when we can "do nothing".

This so spoke to me because of my circumstances at the time and how the Lord got the message to me. (I was trying to start a non-profit organization at the time to help seniors get help in their home and kept hitting walls.)

He will do that for us all if/when we call upon Him and need His encouragement to keep going.

Something else that was in that box was someone's Purple Heart from WWII.
I kept that Purple Heart, trying to find the owner from 1979 to 2013 when I finally discovered an organization on the web that reunites Purple Hearts with the rightful owner or family.

It was so awesome to see after all those years - 34 of them, to see the Purple Heart be given back to family. The son of the soldier received the Purple Heart and a few months later he passed away as well. I spoke with him on the phone and he cried and sobbed in his gratitude of seeing His Father's Purple Heart.

Here is a link to the story published by KCBY News at the time: 30 years later, Canby woman reunites Purple Heart with family

This is a copy of the original handwritten note found on the bible page.

--Ronda--September 2017

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