Male Email Pals--Ages 31-49

  • Date: 05/29/17
  • FirstName = Joseph
  • Gender = Male
  • Age = 33
  • Country or State = USA
  • Interests or Hobbies = Hello potential penpals, first and foremost let me start off by stating that I'm currently incarcerated in state prison.
    I've been here going on 8 years now due to an injustice which I suffered in my case.
    And in all honesty I'll probably be here for awhile longer, unless I win my appeal in the courts or miraculously a law changes that would shorten my time.
    Now that we have that out of the way, let me start by giving a brief description of myself: I'm a black male 33 years of age , 5'9 170 lbs.
    I love to read (ancient history books), I like cooking, working out, studying theology, listening to music and watching a little bit of TV once in awhile.
    I'm currently enrolled in the prisons GED program and should be receiving my certificate at years end.
    I also plan on taking a college course after I'm done with the GED program.
    During my spare time I go to the prisons law library and try to look up anything that might be useful to my case.
    It's been a long road, but I have to sit back and take my time because learning the law can be a very difficult task.
    My hope is to find a good penpal someone who's not judgemental, someone who's not afraid to think outside of the box.
    Would love to find a true friend who's willing to listen to my story without being biased. Looking for anyone who understands,
    that I too am still a human being one of God's creatures.
    I hope to find someone who's willing to correspond with me in an intelligent, friendly, peaceful manner.
    If you're reading this and your heart has no condemnation, then please feel free to message me. Thank you

  • Date: 05/06/17
  • First Name = Reza
  • Gender = Male
  • Age = 48
  • Country or State = Iran
  • Interests or Hobbies = walking,traveling,history
  • Message/Comments = hi penpals.write to me.i will answer to all letters.

  • Date: 01/25/17
  • First Name = Samuel
  • Gender = Male
  • Age = 43
  • Country or State = England
  • Interests or Hobbies = bible study, Christian thinking, world affairs,
  • Message/Comments = I like to send messages to people interested in bible study and other things

  • Date: 01/11/17
  • First Name = Kennedy
  • Gender = Male
  • Age = 37
  • Country or State = Zambia
  • Interests or Hobbies = Creating employment for the christian youths and empowering them
  • Message/Comments = Lets unite for one cause.salvation of souls


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