Just for Today–Part 2–Putting On

Put On Zeal

Put On Yoke of Jesus

August 16–Put On Wisdom

August 15–Put On Victory

August 14–Put On Unity

August 13–Put On Trust

August 12–Put On Strength

August 11–Put On Righteousness

August 10–Put On Quietness

August 9–Put On Peace

August 8–Put On Oil

August 7–Put On New Man

August 6–Put on Meekness

August 5–Put on Love

August 4–Put on Kindness

August 3–Put On Jewels of the Faith

August 2–Put On Integrity

August 1–Put On Humility

July 31–Put On Garments from God

July 30–Put On Faith

July 29–Put On Endurance

July 28–Put On Diligence

July 27–Put On Christ

July 26–Put On Armor–Belt and Breastplate

July 25–Put On Armor of God

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