Just For Today–Part 1–Putting Off

July 24–Put Off Yokes of Bondage

July 23–Put Off Yesterdays

July 22–Put Off Weariness

July 21–Put Off Vengence

July 20–Put Off Unbelief

July 19–Put Off Thoughts

July 18–Put Off Selfish Ambitions

July 17–Put Off Rumors

July 16–Put Off Quarreling

July 15–Put Off Presumptions

July 14–Put Off Old Feelings

July 13–Put Off Negligence

July 12–Put Off Malice

July 11–Put Off Laziness

July 10–Put Off Judging

July 9–Put Off Inadequacy

July 8–Put Off Hopelessness

July 7–Put Off Guilt

July 6–Put Off Fear

July 5–Put Off Evil

July 4–Put Off Despair

July 3–Put Off Covetousness

July 2–Put Off Bitterness

July 1–Put Off Anger

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